Saturday, 12 August 2017

No Pity. No Remorse. No Fear - A Black Templars Army Project - Update #3

And so the Crusade begins with my first two completed units.

Okay so it's a small start but I've finished (bar decals) an Intercessor squad and a Gravis armoured Marshall (Captain).

I received a FW Imperial Fists decal sheet just before I went on holiday, so that's going to get cut up and used as soon as I can to add the finishing touches to the black knights.

Aside from this I've also made progress on the next part of the project, assembly a pair of Redemptor dreadnoughts and a Primaris Lieutenant.

Some Templar upgrade bits and a couple of pieces of brass etch give them a bit more of knightly feel to them. Expect paint to hit them shortly.

Monday, 31 July 2017

No Pity. No Remorse. No Fear - A Black Templars Army Project - Update #2

There are certain colours people get very apprehensive about having to paint in large amounts such as red, yellow, and black. They all pose some serious issues for getting them looking right and not taking too much time to do so in the process. I'm a very lazy painter and if I can't do a colour 'right' fairly easily then I tend to avoid painting it. Ironically two colours I paint more than any other are red and black as via my airbrush I've found some pretty easy ways to get a result I'm happy with.

This has come from doing a lot of internet research and combining a myriad of ideas and techniques together until I had the happy balance between effort and effect. I spent probably six weeks practising different ways of painting red to do a 6th Edition Blood Angel army before I was happy with it. Red has since become my favourite colour to paint. but many snapfit tactical marines paid the ultimate price for me to get to that stage.

Black is another colour I like doing. I had to learn how to do a nice simple black for my Sons of Horus army for 30k. One squad of Reavers were completely repainted three times before I figured it out. Minimal edge highlights was the goal for them, and I used the same technique on numerous other models for that army afterwards.

Which brings me on to my newest project, the Black Templars.

Thankfully GW have made Primaris units relatively pricey pointswise, and vehicles seems more expensive across the board; so 3000pts won't require hordes and hordes of models. But this time I was doing a full army painted black so the method had to go a bit further than what I'd previously been doing as I painted a small Deathwatch army last year and absolutely hated how it looked collected together on the table.

So here's my method.

Step 1: prime and paint black

Bit obvious this one but the first step was to prime with Vallejo Surface Primer. It's black which is a good start! Next I painted the shoulder pads with Vallejo Anthracite Grey, and then followed that with a few layers of Ulthuan Grey. Not a step I want to do with a brush later as through an airbrush the finish is very smooth and solid.

Next I used Blu-tak (the Silly putty wasn't really working on such small areas) to cover the should pads. These easy-fit models don't have seperate pads, things like the Aggressors will have the pads painted off the models.

Finally I applied a thin layer of Abaddon Black over the primer. It's a nicer colour black than the primer in my opinion although you won't see much of it when it's finished.

Step 2: first highlight with dark grey

Second step uses the Anthracite Grey again, for a fairly solid highlight over the model. Not quite zenithal but not far off.

On this photo you can see the difference between straight black and the highlighted version:

Black-things are never actually solid black unless it's a black hole, as light reflects off the surface and gives a whole range of other colours and shadows, and this is what this step is meant to achieve.

Step 3: second highlight with lighter grey

This was a new step I picked up from somewhere else. Normally I'd step up the highlight with something like Dawnstone but I wanted a slightly different look to my models for this army. So I used Stormverim Fur instead:

If you've used this paint before you'll know it's got a warmer shade to it, with a creamy edge to the grey. Almost like a mushroom pate colour. This was applied more sparingly to mainly higher and rounded areas:

Hopefully you can see on the model on the right the difference it makes. Warmer, more worn looking colour that still tricks the eye into thinking it's black. The Gravis Captain shows it quite well too I think:

Step 4: darkening the shadows

As you can see the armour has a nice shaded quality to it, but it is quite grey, so I needed to try and darken up some of the shadows. I did this by spraying Nuln Oil out my airbrush at a very low PSI, onto the recessed areas and low parts of armour panels etc.

This step was actually very difficult to photograph but the difference was very noticeable in person and increased the contrast with the shadows and highlights.

In the future I'll probably skip this step unless needed, by simply taking a little more time on the first grey highlight and being a little more gentle with it's application.

Step 5: filter

At this point I was having major doubts about the colour. Black Templars were looking a little more like Charcoal Templars. You can get away with this on infantry but on larger models the shade would look much more obviously not-black.

This penultimate step therefore simply involved adding a filter to the model in darken it back down and blend the highlights in a little more gradually. The method is one I've not always used as and edge highlight is usually my next step, but I think it worked just right.

The best black shade in the universe is Army Painter Dark Tone in my opinion. It's has a completely different consistency to Citadel's Nuln Oil that gives a much smoother and consistent finish and it's also a lot easier to avoid pooling by working it around the model.

I applied it with a large shade brush making sure the brush was very wet to get a slightly thinner consistency to it, and here's what it looked like:

Right model is the filtered model. It's added some extra definition in panel gaps, but it's also darkened down the colours considerably.

Now for the bit I hate...

Step 6: edge highlights

Previously I've used chipping as a substitute here, but for this project I have a different look in mind so it's time to zone out and just power through those edges. Back to the Stormvermin Fur for this bit.

The sarge was my first go at it and I toned down the quantity of edges on the next five, but the effect is similar. The warmness of this grey means the effect is a bit more subtle and not too stark.

This was by far the longest step, with the entire rest of the process taking maybe two hours including drying time. The edge highlights took up that amount of time again on their own, but I'm really pleased with the effect.

Now to finish the rest of the colours!

Friday, 28 July 2017

No Pity. No Remorse. No Fear - A Black Templars Army Project #1

And so the madness begins.

I'm Mike and the other voice on the Legends of the Warp podcast. 40k has always been my number one interest in wargaming despite a short absence to play 'other' systems. 8th Edition has hit me hard in the feels and the pocket already, with a good sized Imperial Guard force already up to fighting strength to go along with a fair amount of Adeptus Mechanicus and some assorted Imperial Agents to add a bit of spice.

A spicy soup. A broth if you will, of Imperial goodness to purge the alien and burn the heretic.

Emphasis on the heretic burning for the next element of this collection. A 3000pt force of Black Templars Astartes. Chuck a log on the stake, there's a witch to burn, brother.

Despite supposedly being half of the cheerleading team for this Road to Warhammer World thing, I have yet to produce painted models for my army. I am a champion procrastinator, and that procrast... aning (?) has only just yielded a firm choice of army with which to focus on. They may have one of the weaker chapter tactics and they've felt the GW cold shoulder over the last Codex or two, but the combo of scary black power armour and space knights is a killer proposition.

So far I've assembled a combat squad of Intercessors and a Gravis Captain (aka Marshall) and started some basic painting tonight. It's a low key start but I've a few more Primaris units to add to that already, plus a pair of Redemptor dreadnoughts on the way as my first serious addition to my 3k total.

Some low key trinkets and bits of Black Templars accessories have been added along with a couple of different helmets. The Gravis Captain has had his Iron Halo removed, and gothic skull reliquary has been added to his back pack. I also reposed the sword arm to make him a little different to the norm too.

My plan is to avoid as many of the obvious choices other chapters might rely on and play as loyally to their chapter tactic theme of close combat focused tactics and units. This will mean lots of dreadnoughts. I anticpate at least five of them. Because weaponised life support systems are cool.

On top of that the plan is for deepstriking squads of murderous dudes with thunderhammers, shields, swords and bad attitudes. Put that CT to work with lots of re-rolls! Aside from the footslogging dreadnoughts I'd also like to add additional ground force support from a ubiquitous Land Raider Crusader if points allow, with a Crusader squad or two. Finally a hover tank to ferry some of the new Agressors with All The Flamethrowers inside will round off the list. I haven't actually written a list yet however as the Codex isn't due out until tomor... today, so until I get the new points in front of me this is all dreaming.

Painting progress should be rapid, so check back for updates.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Son of Corax

Primaris, son of Corax

Almost completed my first Primaris, base and markings to go. Plenty more to finish but... life is crazy busy. Work means im not going to have time this week and then holidays mean I'll be lucky going to get 500pt done by the end of August, putting me a fair bit behind schedule. I'll catch up somehow but for now just enjoying getting (some) models finished.


Friday, 21 July 2017

Late To The Party

Evening all,

 So it seems i'm a little late in making my first post, a combination of being useless with a computer and easily distracted have been my worst enemy, however it means I've made a good head start on getting models painted, you just don't get to see them yet.

 It seems I should start with an introduction, my name's Chris, I have a slight addiction to Space Marines spanning the last 18 years, I started collecting as an enthusiastic 9 year old and in that time I've gone through various Black Templar and Imperial Fist armies, which I maintain to this day, I've dabbled with other chapters over the years, recently returning to my favoured Templar's earlier this year.

 Earlier this year I started a new project, I set out with the aim of painting the entire Ultramarine's 2nd Company, I had two aims in mind when I started this project; from a painting perspective I wanted to improve my edge highlighting skills, I want to try and sharpen up those highlights to crisp up my miniatures, secondly I want to add the Ultramarine's to my Black Templar's to help me on the road to my all time hobby dream, an Imperial Crusade, comprising; Space Marines, Astra Militarum, Inquisitors, Assassins, Imperial Knights, Adeptus Mechanicus the list goes on.

 8th Edition 40k has really helped spur me on towards my goal of creating a crusade, the background and artwork found in the rulebook and in the Gathering Storm really inspired me and got me painting like a man possessed (metaphorically, not in a Chaotic or heretical way).

 So far I've painted the Dark Imperium boxed set for my Ultramarine's with the exception of the Inceptors, and I've also painted a small Adeptus Ministorum force, these are going to form the core of the force I paint over the next few months along with some Custodians to be Guilliman's bodyguard.

 I'm not going to spill the beans on my painted models yet because I don't have a lot of photos i'm happy with, so for now i'm just going to tease you all with some Ultramarine's.  Next time i'll hopefully share some real photos and with a bit of luck i'll have inhaled the Space Marine codex and written an army list, but for now, have some Space Marines.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

How not to paint things!

Originally, this was going to be a post about who I am and what I was doing as part of this blog. But being a father and herder of cats (I manage a team of IT Engineers), my free time very, very quickly disappeared. So very quickly, my name is Gaz and I have been playing GW games and doing wargaming in general since the days of Hero Quest. I cut my teeth on the 2nd edition of 40K and I have played every single edition since. Some I really enjoyed (I have fond memories of 4th edition) and others I have just tolerated and barely played (hello 6th and 7th edition). I'm still only a few games into 8th edition but I'm currently loving it. It is so much fun, the game flows very well and it seems to have the right level of detail in the unit and weapon types.

The other day, I held a 40K meetup at Warhammer World as a way of getting players who just want to play a few games and meet other players. It was a great day out and I had loads of fun. I kept the day quite flexible and left it up to the players to arrange who or what they wanted to play but it seemed to have gone well. I've added some pictures below so you can see some of the stuff we got up to.

Some of the guys having a 4000 point game on the Spyral Prime table

The Tau Research Station on Vigos table

Eldar forces from Alaitoc Craftworld

Harlequins preparing to attack

Sisters of Battle supporting the Alaitoc Eldar

Death Guard facing Thousand Sons

Death Guard and Thousand Sons vs a big Ork horde of Killa Kans

Death Guard vs Thousand Sons on the Mining Facility 42 board

Death Guard vs Thousand Sons on the Mining Facility 42 board
Thousand Sons Daemon Prince preparing to run down a gangway and attack some Poxwalkers

The Malignant Plaguecaster regretting his decision to climb up on the platform
So for me to play at this day, I needed a force. Originally I was going to paint up the Primaris Marines from the Dark Imperium set but I loved how the Death Guard models looked and how all the rules of the different units fitted together. Problem was, I had to paint them up and I was hoping from release date to the gaming day, I would be able to do it. 

The plan was to do a bit each night and paint everything up nicely. This plan never happened because I struggled with my time management (getting back after 6PM, being busy with work and wanting to spend time with family never works out well with hobby stuff). In the end, I some how managed to assemble and paint this models over a busy work week, which was further complicated with my birthday, a night away and a visit to In the Night Garden Live! 

I'll be honest, I'm sort of happy and not happy with how these have turned out. I like the fact on how quickly they were done in and that they look okay from a few feet away. The plan is that now I have something to play games with, I can spend time painting up something nice. Anyway, here are the pictures!

Monday, 17 July 2017

Progress After 1 Month

Hi everyone!

I've been working diligently this month on getting my Nurgle army right and correct. Here's what I've accomplished:

1. Finished unit of 4 Plague Drones

2. Finished unit of 10 Plaguebearers

3. Finished Herald of Nurgle

4. 80% done with 26 Chaos Cultists (they take forever)

5. Assembled and primed 40 Poxwalkers

6. Assembled Chaos Sorcerer in Terminator Armor

So, no, I haven't reached the 500-point threshold of finished figures for the month, but since I went into all this with over 700+ points ready to go anyway, maybe you'll give me a pass? ;)

Excited to keep on going and see everyone's progress!